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When You Need a Boost

I need a boost! Anyone that works in education knows what I mean. The fatigue and weariness that sets in around this time of year is common.

The cure? A much needed break, of course.

This is the first time in 11 years of being an educator that I will get to enjoy a 10-day Spring Break. I feel a great sense of relief at getting time to recharge and reconnect.

Recharge by getting consistent rest and reconnecting with the things I love most: reading, my local coffee shop, and diving into my next writing project.

I love that my calendar is not overflowing with tasks, errands, and mindless appointments.

I get to spend a week with my true self. I get to remove the professional facade. I get to be Tiffany. Not Dean of Students. Not Academic Coach. Not any other hat assigned on a given day.

I enjoy what I do, but there are those moments that I miss ME. And when we have these breaks, regardless of their duration, I get a glimpse of that woman.

I miss her.

So, to all of my educator friends and colleagues, take this time. Rest, recharge, and reconnect. And know, June is just around the corner.

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