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What Seeds Are You Planting?

As I sit and type this months blog post, I'm exhausted.

Why? Because I just spent my entire day with a group of thirty 7th & 8th grade students.

Helping them understand this years retreat theme, "What Seeds Are You Planting", was the task at hand.

It was a day filled with reflection, team building, and of course- FUN.

And as I think about this upcoming year, I also need to be thinking on what seeds I'll plant.

And I figured it out. During our small group sessions I was vulnerable.

A rarity for me, I told them that I was going to be more present for them this year. Not that I wasn't last year, but in a different way.

They would SEE me more. That would range from eating lunch with them, sharing time in their study halls, and just being a stronger physical presence.

They listened and didn't respond .

But, I know they heard.

And they will be watching to see how what I said will manifest.

And that picture above doesn't represent a child that I teach, but one I met while recently selling my book at a festival.

A seed was planted there.

I was present for him.

I took the time to show that in that moment, he was what mattered.

That's the seed I'm about this year- showing up for others: Not out of obligation, but desire.

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