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Was I Worthy?

We all believe we're special. And we'd like others to believe that too. What happens when they don't? Are we less worthy?

I was speaking to a fellow author about a mutual contact we have. I discovered that our experiences with this person were vastly different.

This contact that we share was then a professor, and now serves as the president of a major university.

When I was probably at one of the lowest points of my life and needed grace, it was not extended.

This professor had the power to make an exception for my situation- and didn't.


People do WHAT they want, for WHOM they want.

And although this situation occurred over 20 years ago, those old insecurities and doubts about my potential and worthiness resurfaced.

Good thing I refuse to let them take root.

My life would be quite different if I did.

Let me learn from this.

I will be mindful and open to extend grace.

Life is too short.

Let your name utter joy when people speak it.

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