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Reflections on a 2022 Vision Board

I created a vision board last year. This visual aid assists in achieving yearly goals by presenting eye-catching illustrations from magazines or newspapers and presenting the clippings on a poster board. .

For it to be most efficient I was told to view the board daily as a reminder of my vision. As I reflect, I remember feeling that as much as I wanted those things: the house, higher credit score, and the publishing of my book, as the months progressed, bringing them to fruition seemed insurmountable.

This was because THINGS were not what were truly needed.

What I needed was intangible; a thing that could not be captured with cutouts and photos.


And, by August 2022, I was able to see it; peace presented itself with extended hand.

I took it.

My journey? It was uphill ALL THE WAY.

Sought fiercely and unapologetically.

That vision board, although not leading me to what I could physically grasp, provided me with insight. And with that, it cleared the way for what I needed for 2022.

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