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I remember as a child continually hearing about the importance of patience.

It was recited by my teachers, parents, and other adults who held influence.

However, their own lives did not reflect their daily preaching on this moral standard.

And although we're all human, I have always believed that educators are held to a much higher bar when it comes to patience.

I had a middle school math teacher who I firmly believed had little to no concept of what patience entailed. Why they even entered the profession is still puzzling.

And because of their impact, I carried a lasting belief that I would walk through life incapable of grasping math at all.

It took the care and PATIENCE of one of my high school math teachers to clear away most of the toxicity previously instilled.

Today, I actively come to the aide of students that I identify with math deficiencies. Internally I weep for them as I see a glimpse of what I once was.

I make it a point to approach those students with the same level of patience I was eventually shown.

This year will be no different.

Building community, creating a fun and engaging learning environment, and demonstrating positive leadership practices are just some of the goals I have in place.

And I know this vision will not just fall in my lap, And not every student will be on board.

And that's where my patience muscles will get their full workout.

But I also know...

Where there is love,

patience is not very far away.

Knowing that, I can't fail.

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