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My Recent Epiphany...

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

This has been an interesting season. I’ve been doing great things with Furry Mouse; from vending opportunities to a variety of meet and greets, the success of the book has far exceeded my expectations. And as I move forward in preparation for “Book 2” I wonder if it too will be met with the same warmth and support. The expectations for anything that comes after the first is always higher and I have been taking particular care to make sure it does not disappoint. But I also understand that everyone may not share in the enthusiasm and excitement of the next release.

Last week I had a startling epiphany regarding this very fact.

I have a part-time job which entails walking and house-sitting dogs. One dog, after I arrived at the house and let her out the crate in the basement, darted up the stairs. When I got up the stairs and proceeded to put the leash on her, she began to bark and growl. Feeling uncomfortable I went back to the basement, closed the door, and waited. She continued to bark and whimper.

After a series of texts from the owner and apologies galore it became apparent that the dog did not approve of me, nor my presence in the home.

The meeting ending with a neighbor having to come into the home, put the dog in the yard and “rescue” me from the basement.

I left the home relieved and thankful. The owner still offered to pay me for my time, which I was indeed grateful.

When I got home, I thought of my life as a creative and what had just occurred.

Not everyone is going to take a liking to what I have to offer. Not everyone is a fan or supporter.

There will be those who like what I do and appreciate my gift. And for them I work hard to produce the best possible product.

As far as dogs…

Tomorrow I will return to my app to find yet another dog to walk.

Both readers of my work and dog owners are awaiting my return.

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