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In With the New!

Well, here we are. 2022 is upon us. And with that, many see this as an opportunity to reset and start anew. I am no different. I had written down three specific writing goals in December 2021 that I had anticipated to complete this year. However, as January progressed and I looked at my life I wondered what I was thinking. Yes, I see myself as ambitious, but I am also a realist. As an educator my plate is full from September to June.

What has been detrimental, is that I have caught myself watching others from afar with an envious eye desiring to go full speed with the same vigor and momentum.

This thing call complacency often gets in the way.

However, what I've found compels me to write when this seeps in, is to be in a community of other like-minded people. Workshops, seminars, and retreats have done wonders in providing the inspiration needed for me to pick up my pen and generate ideas for that next story.

It also fueled me with the power to write my first play, my first book, and this year my attempt at another series of "firsts."

Ultimately, what I'm finding in this writing life is that we each must find our own path to creativity. For me, it's community. For others, solitude works best.

And yes, we will have bouts with complacency, but the goal is not to remain there.

Find what you need to feed your creativity.

There is a story waiting that can only be told by you.

The world is waiting...

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