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Here I go... AGAIN!

Here it is...

Tomorrow is November 1st which is the official start of Nanowrimo! The month of eager and ambitious writers setting lofty goals of writing 50,000 words toward their novel. Several years ago, I too took the initiative to partake in National Novel Writing Month. And although I did not hit the 50k mark, I did make some writing strides.

As I sit here the night before the event I am again wondering if this could be the year where I make the goal. What would it take? Do I have what it takes? Am I disciplined enough to have a mindset of consistency, commitment, and diligence?

If I use October as my model, I'd say YES!

This past month I participated in a walking challenge at work that involved all three of the above traits; ones I haven’t demonstrated in years. I impressed myself with how I pushed through my discomfort and excuses. I didn’t allow my feelings to get in the way of what I set out to achieve. I became acutely aware of what I was doing daily to meet my walking goals. Being conscientious of my eating and sleeping habits were key in this challenge.. I made healthier choices in my food intake, went to bed earlier and as a result it positively impacted my productivity at work. It was a winning situation for me, my body, and my employer.

Ultimately, I was able to devise a daily strategy that allowed me to coast on the last few days of the challenge without too much concern of losing my place in the rankings.

I know Nanowrimo will be no different. The three traits I used to succeed with the walking challenge can be inserted into this endeavor as well. And with that, the excitement of meeting those 50,000 words are in my grasp.

Nanowrimo, HERE I COME!

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