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Going to McDonald's, but Being Served a Whopper

(Why the world is insistent on pushing their politicized agendas)

Politicizing is the act of making a person politically aware or active.

Nothing is wrong with the term, in and of itself, within the proper forum.

The Oscars is not that place.

The interesting thing about developing my blog this month was that I had started writing it this past Sunday evening-about 30 minutes into the Oscars. I eventually walked away from the television frustrated with the level of politicizing.

“Why can’t we watch TV without someone making a political comment or statement to justify their stance on a particular movement?

Several hours later as I lay in bed and scrolled through various social media platforms, I saw that much bigger issues had occurred within the course of the Oscars that paled in comparison to my gripe about the political agendas pushed off on viewers.

However, my desire to want this question addressed was still present.

The first political statement during the award ceremony that evening started off with the mention of how the three women hosting were being compensated less than if one man were presenting that evening.

They then mentioned the lack of minority representation in the nominees (which has been an ongoing debate every year with the Oscars) and then proceeded to call several actors on stage to address their vaccination statuses.

And of course this was all done light-heartedly with a humorous spin that only the Oscars can play out, but ultimately it was pushing an agenda and making an overt statement.

That evening I just really wanted to watch an awards show. I wanted to hear and see the winners of one of the most esteemed awards offered to actors in film.

Instead, I was fed with an unfiltered commentary on women’s rights, LGBTQ injustices and racial inequalities.

It appears that everyone with some degree of notoriety feels obligated to build a platform to elevate their political stance. And me, the viewer, is forced to make a choice of whether I want to subject myself to it or not.

It’s like going to McDonald’s and being served a Whopper. Why am I being served what I don't want?

And some would argue that there is nothing wrong with having an opinion on political issues . I agree.

But is the Oscars really a forum to address it?

Opportunists would say-yes!

Yes, because millions are watching. It's the perfect time to capture an audience of engaged people.

Me, I would say no.

I've come to be entertained. It's a form of escape, honestly.

It all seems quite systematic and simple. But simple is not what I got.

And this is not the first year the Oscars have taken this road.

But as life would have it, like everything else, it came with a catch, or a hook.

But this time I just didn’t care to be reeled in.

I walked away and dove into my second form of escape from the madness-WRITING.

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