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From Where I Can See

The above photo represents a moment in my life.

It was August 2021, both my second time in San Diego, and also attending a major league baseball game.

The San Diego Padres were set to have a good season that year.

They had star power in their favour. The line up was ideal for a winning season.

Unfortunately, the expectation was not met.

The predictions meant little when it came to the reality of how they actually performed.

From where I can see, this is how life plays out.

We give the appearance of having it together.

That we're ready for the curve balls that are thrown our way.

That when we come up to bat, we will make contact with our target.

And then we strike out.


Maybe we didn't plan appropriately.

Maybe something unexpected presented itself.

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Much like that for the Padres.

BUT, we don't throw in the towel.

We keep coming back,

We continue to show up.

We don't let the past season define what lies ahead.

We come up to bat.

Stay focused.

And swing, again..

And, from where I Can See...

We just may get a hit!

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