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Eyes Wide Open

Despite our attempts to have our eyes wide open, life will somehow manage to catch us off guard. I'm truly convinced!

As I packed up my car on Saturday morning with the hopes of picking up a friend to head off to a Wellness Retreat in Harrisburg, PA, my car wouldn't start. From the sound of things when I turned the key in the ignition, I knew it was the battery. An unexpected glitch in the trip.

As I sat at my mechanic waiting for the battery to be replaced, I began to think about this Nissan Sentra that I purchased in 2012 and realised that despite my efforts to pour into it financially with necessary repairs, timely oil changes, as well as premium gas in the tank, none of it mattered today.

I also understand that there will come a time when it will be beyond repair.

My eyes are wide open to that.

I then thought about my life, and how like this car I too have had those moments when I have stopped running unexpectedly, but only needed a quick "boost" or "jump" to get me started again. But I also knew, that in certain situations, there would come a time that despite the efforts that people or organisations poured into me, it just wouldn't be enough. A boost would not suffice; a whole new life line, or battery of sorts would be needed.

And I too, would have come to the end of my journey,

But unlike my Nissan Sentra, I will press on, because the journey ending in one place doesn't mean the mission is accomplished.

This simply means one chapter has ended, but new beginnings have surfaced elsewhere.

So for now, I hold fast to my vehicle . The "Blue Bomber" moves onward, with more trips and journeys to pursue.

My eyes are wide open to that.

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