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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

This month has been full of them. Some easier than others. I now understand why I WAS feeling emotionally overextended.

It was largely one situation in particular.

I was able to detect the scenario before it completely unravelled.

Yes, I had seen THIS before.

We each have those situations that put our decision-making skills to the test.

It may involve family, relationships, or even our careers. The tune is different for everyone.

Some scenarios I believe actually resurface to see if we REALLY got it.

To see what we learned from the first go round.

And this month, it happened to me-again.

The situation, you ask?

It really doesn't matter now.

What does matter is that the decision itself was a test in putting some good ole' common sense into action.

As we age, we look at things differently. Because of this, I'd like to believe that the lens in which we make certain decisions becomes lathered in wisdom.

We also ruminate over the consequences of our decisions because they mean more.


One less grey hair.

A greater peace.

Bring it on May! I'm ready.

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