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Cyber Girl in a Cyber World

I never realised how working for a cyber school would bring me such a level of job security- until Covid-19. I am in no way attempting to capitalise on a global pandemic for my economic or financial gain, it's just hard to believe that I would find myself in this position.

For years, being a cyber educator (almost 10 years under my belt) meant wondering from year to year whether lawmakers would provide the funding needed to open our doors for the following academic year.It involved sending emails to our local officials and stating the value of cyber education and why it was needed for families across Pennsylvania.

Well now, there is no more explaining or justifying our case. We have become a hot commodity and much needed resource for families that need our skill level and expertise. We are able to navigate technology and practice solid classroom management practices all in the same breath.

We are finally being validated for the work we do and the professionalism we uphold as educators.

WE have become essential.

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