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August - The Month to Wrap Things Up!

August is one of those months where I always feel I am wrapping things up. As an educator I am wrapping up my summer, and in that comes the mad dash to take all of the trips I said I would take, the books I promised myself I would read, and the exercise regiment that I would diligently follow. These mini "resolutions" I make to myself in June with the intent of accomplishing, very rarely come to fruition.

Why is that?

It appears that when I have an abundance of time, or what APPEARS to be idle moments, I make promises to myself to improve in some form or another.. I set out to purposefully complete what I was unable to do since my 10-month position as an educator takes precedence.

In the midst of the planning, hoping, and dreaming, other parts of my life manage to seep in and take a seat on my well thought out plans. The end result- it throws off what I so meticulously set out to achieve.

What I did accomplish this month? I had the opportunity to see my parents and other family in North Carolina for our Family Reunion. I am not a regular attendee of this gathering, but this year I made it my business to be there. The pandemic has truly made me value the time I spend visiting, hugging, and loving on those close to me.

Another significant feat, Write Away finished its second summer! I learned so much more about myself as a human being, an educator, and a lover of all things books.

And finally, an amazing trip to San Diego! A place that has grown to hold a special place in my heart.

What I didn't do...I didn't read the books I planned, failed to follow through on the 5K training plan that I dowloaded on my phone in May, or sell as many Furry Mouse books to meet my sales goals.

However, what did happen is that the trips, the people, and programs that were supposed to bring richness to my life and add harmony to my spirit occupied my time and space.

And for that I am thankful, and most of all-blessed.

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