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You're In Denial

And I am too! What about, you might ask?

Two days ago, I got a dose of hard reality.

Somewhere in my mind I declared that once I paid off my 2011 Nissan Sentra (aka, Blue Bomber) I would live happily ever after.

2018 was the year! I was granted the title and ownership.

I would part with it on my terms.

I denied all possibility that life would exist any other way.


But the "Service Engine Soon" light doesn't play fair.

It has a way of wreaking havoc on your day.

It also has you calling upon every prayer and positive thought you can muster.

The good news?

An issue with the ignition is not cause for me to make that dreaded trip to the dealership.

But I know the Blue Bomber’s days are numbered.

And the sooner I realize that, the more grounded I become.

And not just with my car-

Certain relationships.

Places of employment.

My own mortality.

Each has its own time stamp.

Blue Bomber- thank you.

I get it.

What things are you in denial about?


It’s there-believe me.

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