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Who Am I , Really?

An educator. A writer.

These are the current labels that I gravitate to these days. But, believe it or not I was somebody else- many years ago.

I was an actor.

Why did that change?


I didn't believe I could survive as a "starving" artist.

Practicality and real life soured the dream.

I also lacked that inner cheerleader.

Oh, I had others cheering me on, but I needed to see it in myself.

That is why as an educator I see it necessary to have my students see themselves as the wonderful creations they are, apart from what I say.

And as a writer I see it essential that my readers walk away with a better understanding of who they are in the characters I create.

And this is not a sob story.

There is change happening!

Who Am I, Really?

A woman, rebuilding.

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