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When You Give from the Heart

I was at my local Farmer’s Market on Friday and informed one of the vendors that I would return on Saturday to purchase some of her wonderful empanadas. For those that are not familiar, it is a delectable fried pouch of crispy dough filled with goodness. Its contents are either ground/shredded meat such as chicken or beef, or if you so choose, there are vegetable options that are just as tasty.

It just so happens that the mixed vegetable with goat cheese is my empanada of choice. However, when I went to her stand on Friday, she was sold out. She requested I return on Saturday when she would be in full supply.She also stated that she would put some to the side for me.

Well, when I arrived today at 2:15pm, she was out of them again. I faulted myself because going to the Farmer’s Market any time after 12pm on a Saturday almost always guarantees that the pickings are slim.

She apologized, but then went to her fridge and proceeded to produce a container of stewed black beans, two containers of rice, and a few containers of roasted plantains. She handed them over to me.

And these were not empanadas by far, but still looked quite good. I asked her the cost.

“No charge.”

She said that she felt bad that she had forgotten to save me some of the empanadas. I warmly thanked her for the other items which she graciously offered.

I looked at her in disbelief, surprised at her generosity.

“It’s about giving from the heart”, she said.

What does this REALLY mean?

It means you give without expectations.

You give without monetary rewards.

You give without accolades.

You give without the promise of reciprocity.

You don’t calculate what the receiver of your gift can do for you in the future.

You don’t continually remind the receiver of your kindness.

You give because of a calling and a love.

And for that she is blessed.

And for that, I am most grateful.

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