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When the Representative Leaves the Room

I’m reminded by one of my favorite comedians that at the start of any new relationship, what we’re initially meeting is that person’s “representative”.

Over time the “true” self emerges, which can be unrecognizable.

The stand-up routine of this was beyond hilarious, but in real life, not so much.

I’m one month into my new job as Dean of Students, and it has truly been keeping me on my toes. It seems like as the weeks progress, more and more of the representatives for my students have left the room.

What’s remained? In some cases I’m convinced it’s not the same person.

Why does this happen? I believe we all attempt to put our best foot forward when we start a new thing-and the start of the school year is no exception.

I could run after the representative, but what good would that do?

It will only exit again. It was never meant to stay.

And that is fine, because what they’ve left behind makes me work harder and pray more.

It has made me realize that I am unable to work things out in my own might and power.

THIS is what I signed up for.

It’s sharpening me for what lies ahead.

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