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I remember learning to drive a stick shift during my early twenties. I was in my last year of college and my Ford Escort wagon had met a volatile end.

So, I was now faced with the purchase of a Honda Accord Lx-i, 5 speed, which I did not know how to drive.

The patience and care of a dear college friend put me in a place where I successfully learned to drive the vehicle, and although it was a new and challenging endeavour, it grew into a passion.

So much so,  that I still prefer driving stick shifts, although realize they are not necessarily practical in the city.

I made the “shift” from an automatic to a “manual” because at that time it was a financially sound vehicle purchase (gas milage and cost of the vehicle) and extremely beneficial during wintery months in Michigan (5-speed handling is great in the snow), which is where I lived at the time.

However, when I moved back to the East Coast it was necessary to shift back to an automatic. I was much begrudged by the choice, but it just made sense.

And that’s where I am in life right now.

Realizing again, that it may be time to shift.

However, what’s different this time, is that I will NOT be doing it with the intent of what’s practical, what makes much sense, or even financially soothing,

It will be about my own personal fulfilment.

It will be a choice this time that will be welcomed with open arms.

And the older I get; I’m realizing you can’t put a price on that.


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