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Bravery: Will You Answer When It Calls?


One word that carries a tremendous weight.

It calls out to us at random times in our lives.

It called out to me in my 20's -I had the opportunity to drop everything and relocate to California to pursue acting with a friend- I didn't answer.

It reached out again in my 30's -It beckoned me once again to move to Japan and teach English at an international school- again, I did not respond to its call.

And now that I'm older, and have had the chance to see the result of not responding earlier to the call, I get it.

2024 IS the time!

There are two creative ventures in particular that I have launched.

However, I refrain from mentioning them at the moment until their fruit is evident.

What did it take?

A different mindset.- influenced by reading certain books, listening to select podcasts, and the following of a few powerful folks on social media.

I am also quietly beginning to cancel out the voices of those who speak doubt, fear, and hesitancy.

And what does the above picture have to do with any of this?

It's the church Martin Luther King Jr. called home during his time as pastor and Civil Rights Leader.

There, resided a man who embodied the true meaning of bravery and resilience.

He unselfishly answered the call to speak for those who possessed neither voice nor power.

When I think of his legacy I gather the strength to move on in my mission.

Bravery, I hear you loud and clear! I'm here, I'm ready.

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