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In Reflection- My 2023

When I look back at 2023 I believe that these four pictures pretty much sum it up. Of course there were other events, people, and things that filled in the pages of my year, but these made the greatest impact.

Because, when I look at each one, it has me thinking on how I need to do life differently. And in some cases I did, but in others I'm still learning and trying to figure it all out.

Picture One. Writing!- My passion, My peace.

NanoWriMo taught me so much this year. November 2023 started a daily writing practice that has extended beyond the 30-day window of the monthly challenge.

Although I didn't meet the word count goal of 50,000, I have written every day consistently since November 1st. My goal is to have the novel completed by August.

Picture Two.: Nosy Josie- my second picture book released in July 2023. It did not gather the same momentum as Furry Mouse . And I know why...

Work. Time. Exhaustion. The day job.The place that consumes me from the moment I wake at 4:30am to the moment I return home at 5pm..

Because of this, promotion for the book will look different. I am in the process of figuring HOW.

Picture Three. The Blue Bomber- my car has seen the repair shop more often this year than in the past. And as the weeks and months progress I am growing in the understanding that a newer car is in my future. I am taking small steps to prepare for this added expense, but am also taking measures to listen to the warning signs my car presents along the way.

Picture Four. A Pathway- with each of these areas of my life there has been a path that I've chosen to walk, or an action step put in place for a greater level of success.

Each one has taught me a wonderful lesson in being open to seeing things differently and being open to where it leads.

Thank you 2023! Open the door to 2024!

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