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This is Where the Magic Happened!

This 160-page notebook is where the magic happened!

Every day this month, in honor of NanoWrimo, I sat down to write.

Remarkably, a story that I had been working on just a few weeks prior gathered momentum and began to soar on those very pages.

6am seemed to be when that spark of creativity was ignited, and I welcomed it with open arms.

No, I did not make the 50,000 word count goal that is required to officially "WIN" NanoWrimo, but I feel an immense victory nonetheless.

WHY? Because each year I dive into this novel "pooI" and come out feeling revived and ready to conquer the next literary hurdle.

So, as the last hour of this day comes to a close, and I wind up this blog, I'm going to aim to complete another full month of writing with the hopes of furthering my story.

Thanks NanoWriMo!

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