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The Peace of Summer

To all my 10-month educator friends, here we are once again. Another summer is upon us. Time to relax and regroup amidst what has been a year of trying to regain some degree of normalcy with our students. I truly wonder if this will ever be possible again. I thought 2022 would bring a more hopeful outlook for educators; and for some it has. But for many, it hasn't.

It's typical that around March, most of us begin to feel the weight of the entire academic year upon our shoulders, and emotionally check out. It's a huge balancing act in the world of an educator. Many of us are juggling families, the stress of having additional jobs, and all the while trying to manage some level of self-care in the process.

Many (me included) are holding fast to dreams and passions that have become the lifeline of our existence. This often times fuels us when everything else is in disarray.

And this is why I value the summer so much. It allows me that time to take stock of my previous year and envision the next. As my schedule is significantly lighter, I am also able to gain a clarity that seems practically impossible during the academic year.

And through that lens it is amazing to witness and behold all that is possible and needed in my life. It allows me to reconnect with my purpose and mission, and through this find an abundance of peace.

Oh summer, you couldn't have come at a better time!

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