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The Body: What a Wondrous Thing It Is!

This month has been a whirlwind of change in my life! Moments filled with joy, excitement, and hesitancy.

Joy in starting a new job with weighted responsibilities and duties, excitement in experiencing a new city where English is not widely spoken by its residents, and the hesitancy of addressing an audience of almost 200 people at a convocation ceremony to start the school year.

In the midst of it all, my body has been sending me signals to express its concern and literal frustration of being uprooted and yanked from the comforts of living a life that was quite sedentary for the past 11 years.

For those who don't know, I worked for an online cyber charter school where my days consisted of rolling out of bed, showering, putting on sweats and snuggling up to my computer with coffee in hand to begin conferences with students. In the background I made dinner, folded laundry, and caught glimpses of Gunsmoke (one of my favourite shows).

It was a life that my body had grown accustomed to and found a sense of solace.

And now, I've disrupted its sense of peace by becoming a "dreaded" commuter.

But I am not discouraged by this, because in August 2011 when I first started working remotely, that too took an adjustment. The sense of not working in a physical classroom and engaging students daily was hard to grasp. My body resisted that shift as well.

Our bodies are wondrous things.

I've grown to love mine in its spirit of resilience, strength, and even currently, its resistance.

What it needs most from me now is an outpouring of understanding, patience, and love- which I vow to give, willingly.

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