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Purpose, please!

The older I get, the more I desire to be aligned with my purpose .

However, along this journey there appears to be more obstacles preventing me from getting there.

And in the style and fashion of who I am- these are often things that I've placed in my own way.

Why do I do this?

Because, as much as I want to walk in the power of my purpose there always lies that imbedded fear of change.

I can listen to every motivational speaker and become enthralled with compelling TED talks on gathering that much needed strength to take action and change my course. It is something I do daily.

But, change is a beast! And unless you come equipped with the weapons needed to defeat that ruthless foe, you will find yourself in the same situations repeating an endless cycle.

Which sadly is where I find myself from time to time.

Value and self-worth is the armor that prepares us for our battle with change.

If these traits are nonexistent in our lives, the uprooting and pulling away of all that is familiar-everything that comes with change, will probably swallow us whole.

Value and self-worth propel us to spaces and places of change where we now have to walk in full consciousness and be present.We get to breathe in and walk in all of our gifts, talents, and ultimately our purpose.

And once you sit on the other side, you begin to wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Like most of us, this becomes the time when we start to condemn ourselves for not knowing better or taking that leap.

However, it should be at that moment when you love on yourself even more and relish in your step of bravery and courage.

You made a choice, took that chance, and decided that your value and self-worth were more desirable than that fear of change that initially held you captive.

The power of your purpose is now unleashed!

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Very thought and emotion provoking; a lot to consider as we consider our paths going forward.

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