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New Year 2021- Living and Learning

I don't set New Year resolutions. Not that I don't see value or purpose in such things, but I'm finding as I get older I'm more successful in establishing monthly goals. My productivity is higher and I don't become bogged down and overwhelmed with lofty ideals.

Three areas that I'm looking to really makes strides this year:

Books: I would like to read two books in the month of February.

Accountability: I am on Goodreads which helps me to keep a record of what I read.

Weight: I would like to lose 5 pounds in month of February.

Accountability: I have two apps that I use to track weight and fasting habits. I also have a friend that I talk with daily that is also on the same track with fasting.

Writing: 2-3 pages a week in my Young Adult novel ("What Nana Left")

Accountability: I am enrolling in the Children's Writing Institute with a writing coach that will guide my work and strides.

What I'm living: Living a life of joy and optimism even when I don't fully hit my monthly goals. The joy comes in the attempt and willingness to move in the direction to achieve each one.

What I'm learning: I'm human and I fall short. Loving myself regardless.

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