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It's That Wonderful Time of the Year...

It’s that time of year. The weather is changing. More people are out, and the overall feeling is different. With that, I mean the moods of people are a little more optimistic due to COVID restrictions being gradually lifted. However, I still feel a sense of doubt that appears to be looming overhead. There are some people that are mistrustful and still quite fearful wondering who’s vaccinated and who’s not and what graces will be extended to those making the choice to get the shot.

It’s an ongoing story that continues to play itself out on social media, the news, and general conversation. We are bombarded with it on a constant basis. Many see it as information, some find it entertaining, but there are others that are just plain exhausted. I am the “others.”

As an educator I am flooded with the concerns of parents, faculty, and administration concerning the virus and the impact it has had on the engagement of students. How it has also impacted many aspects of our jobs. This too is tiring.

June can’t come soon enough, and I am hoping with that less talk about the impacts of Covid, and more discussion geared toward the upswing of life. Let’s begin taking steps to rebuild our lives and reconnect with those whom valuable time has been lost.

There are family members and friends that I haven’t seen in over a year. This summer will be spent venturing out to visit and rebuilding those relationships.

I would also like to spend more time developing my business and committing to working on various writing projects. Although it experienced some stagnation due to the virus, it managed to stay afloat with the creation of “Furry Mouse.” The “Meet the Author” and vending events have been in abundance as well, and I have definitely been blessed by the opportunities.

Despite these many blessings, the virus still continues to loom above like a pesky fly, letting me know its presence is near. I’m determined to acquire normalcy and peace amidst the fear and foreboding notions of others. I can’t let this pose itself as a threat so huge it will determine the future of my business and dampen the dreams I’ve worked so hard to bring to fruition.

I have no choice but to be hopeful, the pandemic forced me to look at life differently and take nothing for granted. Pre-pandemic I was just coasting though life, but not living. Covid opened my eyes and has put me in the driver’s seat. Gone are the days of being a passenger.

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