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Is it here yet?

No, it's not. June 6th is doing its best to take its time. Why?

Because it knows that somewhere in a little town in the Pocono Mountains, there is a Dean of Students anticipating this day more than a child on the eve of Christmas.


It also knows there are more lessons to be learned about appreciating the value of NOW.

This would be interpreted as teachable moments.

It consists of engaging the student in a dialogue that causes them to look critically at their choices.

And today was a perfect example of that.

I took a group of 8th graders out for pizza. One of the students took the last bit of soda and filled her cup to the top, not caring to ask others if they would be interested in sharing.

Normally, this situation wouldn't bother me, but with that student it did.

Why? Because they have spent the entire school year pointing out everyone else's uncaring and selfish behavior.

Yet, here they were.

Displaying the same behavior they criticize in others.

And no, I didn't say a thing.

Although it would have been a perfect time to utilize the value of NOW.

But I didn't take it. Why?

Because I'm busy pining away at the days leading up to next Thursday.

I choose not to have anymore talks in my office.

I choose not to call another parent on their job.

I choose not to issue another red slip.

I choose not to have another student serving an in-school suspension in my office.

I'm choosing the value of NOW to save...ME!

And that has been my teachable moment today.

It's not commendable, I know. But ya' girl is exhausted.

Is it here yet?

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