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Writing what's right

As I delve even further into my writing this year I find myself asking, "What should I be writing?" I feel as a Christian I should be using my writing to spread the gospel and bring light to a dark world; offering my experiences as a testimony. I also feel that as a lover of literature, I should write in the genre that I feel a genuine calling : children's and young adult literature.

As a writer, should I box myself in? How do I decide what's right to write? They always say to write what you know. Well, I remember what it was like to be a child, and some of my fondest memories being tied to that formative time of my life.

There are also genres that I want to explore but am concerned that my audience would not be too enthused with my attempts.

Therein lies that question, how do we know when to write what's right?

With the recent publishing of Furry Mouse it has made me ecstatic to see the smiles of the children that have enjoyed the book, the accolades from friends near and far on how it has touched them in some way, and the desire of a fan base that wants to eventually see more books in the series.

For me, this is probably the closest I will get to knowing when I am writing what's right, I believe. When you are touching lives, spreading joy, and warming the hearts of others that read your words.

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Feb 15, 2021

Proud of you ❤️

You will always have my support !

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